VA Welcome Kit

VA Welcome Kit

* One complaint that Veterans have voiced about the VA is their uncertainty as to where to begin in order to receive services and supports.

* VA’s myriad of services, resources, and materials can be daunting. Therefore, the VA listened and released a Welcome Kit to guide Veterans to the benefits and services that they have earned.

* The VA Welcome Kit is user-friendly and addresses eligibility and benefits in six areas:

- Health Care,

- Finances,

- Housing,

- Employment,

- Education,

- Memorialization.

* Based on Veteran’s stage of life, Veterans can figure out how the VA can help in the present and future.

* Veterans can download a copy of the Welcome Kit for their convenience by clicking here.

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HEROES DAY at Appalachian State November 9, 2017

HEROES DAY at Appalachian State

November 9, 2017

* Veterans can receive free tickets to the HEROES DAY Appalachian State football game against Georgia Southern at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 9th, 2017...after following the link, scroll down to the FEATURED EVENT for details on how to get a free ticket as well as a ticket for a guest for only $20.

* Veterans and guests are also invited to come and enjoy a Heroes Day tailgate celebration beginning at 4:00 p.m. at Duck Pond at the entrance to Stadium Drive on the AppState campus.

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Annual New River Chapter Picnic

August 19, 2017

Open this link to the Photo Gallery to read the details and see photographs from the New River Chapter's annual picnic at the Mt. Jefferson State Park.

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Happy Birthday, United States Public Health Service (USPHS) July 16, 2017

Happy Birthday, United States Public Health Service (USPHS)

July 16, 2017

* On July 16, 1798 President John Adams signed a bill that established the antecedent of the today’s U.S. Public Health Service. The act itself affected only a small percentage of the population of our country, for it applied only to merchant seamen, a category of individuals who were otherwise left out of the medical care establishment of the day. As one might imagine, the life of a man who sailed on a wind-powered ship in the last part of the 18th century was hard indeed. Food was primitive and boring at best; drinking water was often foul; the voyages themselves sometimes lasted months—even years if they were whalers—and the dangers of life aboard a commercial or U.S. Navy sailing vessel meant that injuries and disease were rampant. The Marine Hospital Service, which lasted until the 1980's, took care of these individuals, and it was Public Health Service officers who staffed these hospitals.

* It's unknown how many individuals were served by the Marine Hospital System during its nearly-200 years of existence, but it provided a unique service for an under-served population. If that phrase “under-served population” is familiar, it’s because today’s Public Health Service also provides healthcare to under-served populations. As anyone reading this post may undoubtedly know, the largest number of Commissioned Corps officers serve in the Indian Health Service, many of them in remote parts of our country. They, like all other PHS officers, carry on the tradition that was established in 1798, the date that appears on the USPHS flag.

* If there is anything more significant about this date, it is that it was only eleven years after the drafting of our Constitution and only nine years after our present government began. Indeed, it was the very Founders of our republic who decided that it was fitting and proper for the federal government to insert itself into the healthcare business. How that involvement is presently defined is at the core of many of the debates we are having at the national level today.

* Regardless of how these debates evolve and turn out, it's today's Public Health Service whose ancestry is traced back 219 years on the 16th of July.

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New River Marathon May 6, 2017
New River Marathon

New River Marathon

May 6, 2017

* Members from the New River Chapter, MOAA braved the cold and wind on May 6th to volunteer at the annual New River Marathon, a qualifying race for bigger marathons like Boston, New York and the Marine Corps races.

* This year, we manned water and Gatorade stations at the 12 and 14 mile points along the New River race course. A total 153 runners competed in the marathon; the winning race time was 2:53:38.

* Shown (upper right) Bob Worley and Lou Burge wait for the lead runner at the 12 mile mark while Cathy Ehrhardt and Lynne Hayes (lower right) brave the wind at the 14 mile post.

* Other thumbnail pictures show Porter Hicks trying to keep water cups from being blown away by strong wind gusts, Bob and Bobbie Worley ready to pass out energy gel, and Porter and Steve Tucker watching Chuck Hayes offer a choice between water and Gatorade to marathoners.

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MOAA's 2016 Col. Marvin J. Harris Communication Awards April 6, 2017

MOAA's 2016 Col. Marvin J. Harris Communication Awards

April 6, 2017

* The New River Chapter received two 4 Star Awards for their website and e-newsletter during a presentation held as part of the 2017 "Storming the Hill" in Alexandria, VA.

* Open the News and Events page on the North Carolina Council of Chapters website with details on all the communication awards received by Council and Chapters on April 6th.

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Marathon Jam 2017 May 20, 2017
Marathon Jam 2017

Marathon Jam 2017

May 20, 2017

This is the flyer with information regarding the upcoming "2nd Annual Marathon Jam" that will be hosted by the New River Chapter at the Ashe County Arts Council on May 20, 2017.

The photograph (below right) is a placard atop a "healing quilt" on display at the Ashe County Arts Council that explains it's purpose and how the many donated quilts will be shared at the Marathon Jam on May 20th...

Link: Click here to open the Photo Gallery with event pictures...

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