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December 13, 2014

New River Annual Holiday Celebration

* The Holiday Social was held on December 13th, 1 week earlier than our regularly scheduled meeting day in order to get a head start on winter weather.

* A total of 24 members attended and shared their favorite dishes at the party - some entrees as well as desserts. As in prior years, there were an abundance of "amazing potluck" offerings.

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New River Chapter Meetings

* New River Chapter, MOAA previously held regular, monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at various locations but we are changing the day to the third Thursday moving forward.

* We hold regular meetings from May through December, unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors. A meeting notice is e-mailed to members at least 15 days in advance.

* Our August meeting is our annual summer picnic and the November meeting is our holiday social.

* SPECIAL NOTICE: When the Hotel Tavern closed In 2020 the new Tavern opened in West Jefferson, NC in the former Sears store and it is bigger and better! The Tavern is opening a new outdoor patio dining area in May.

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