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May 20, 2023

Music Fest to Honor Vets

The New River Chapter will host the 2023 edition of our Music Fest to Honor Vets at the Ashe County Civic Center on May 20th from 1 PM - 4 PM.

The cost is $10 / ticket and can be purchased at the event.

As with previous Music Fests select veteran’s service will be recognized and honored with a healing quilt from the Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild.

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May 28, 2022

New River Chapter Honored Veterans with Music at the Ashe Civic Center

New River Chapter Honored Veterans with Music at the Ashe Civic Center
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Music Honoring Ashe County Veterans publicity poster.

On May 28, 2022, the New River Chapter hosted a music event - Music Honoring Ashe County Veterans - at the Ashe Civic Center from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.

Formerly our Marathon Jam, this was our first fund raising opportunity to support the Fisher Houses of NC since we had to cancel Jams in 2020 and 2021.

The program featured four local musicians/music groups and local veterans were honored with the presentation of "Healing Quilts" donated by the Ashe Piecemakers Quilt Guild.

There was $10 admission and all proceeds will benefit the Fisher Houses of NC at Camp LeJeune and Fort Bragg.

Follow this link to view photographs from the event...
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May 14, 2022

New River Chapter Provides Support to the New River Marathon

Dedicated volunteers from our Chapter provide support each year to the New River Marathon!

As in previous years, we will man a watering station at the junction of Railroad Grade Road and the entrance to the Skyland Waters development in Ashe County. Additionally, we will have a person stationed at the intersection of Railroad Grade Road and Castleford Road to ensure that all marathoners TURN RIGHT!

Let's all hope for dry weather between 0700 and 1230 on May 14th as well as NO WIND...it's really hard to fill cups with water when there are strong breezes at the watering site!

New River Marathon Web Page
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May 20, 2021

New River Chapter Regular Meeting

New River Chapter Regular Meeting
Frances Goodhart and Cathy Ehrhardt start the celebrations

* The New River Chapter's Board of Directors has prepared a calendar of events for our membership in 2021 that began with a Thursday evening "Meet and Greet" held at the exciting new location for The Tavern (formerly the Sears store) in West Jefferson, NC @ 1730. This first gathering of our membership was an opportunity for members to renew acquaintances and maybe even meet new people.

* In lieu of a regular gathering with a more traditional dining experience, the Chapter reserved the use of the small dining room at the Tavern where attendees ordered their own drinks from the bar - beer, wine or cocktails - and numerous delicious hors-d'oeuvres were available on tables in the meeting space.

* The May 20th regular meeting was a wonderful opportunity for a return to "normal" activities with the New River Chapter after a L-O-N-G absence that was necessitated by COVID-19. See the photographs that are a part of this post for pictures of chapter members enjoying the time to get reacquainted and celebrate POST COVID-19!

* We look forward to having many members come out for all of our "GREAT" 2021 New River Chapter events. Remember to bring a friend or acquaintance especially if he/she is in our eligible field of participants (any veteran who is or was in one of the seven commissioned branches of the military). Open/print the attached, downloadable file that has a calendar and a description of each of the events in 2021. Pin it to your refrigerator or make notes in your own calendar and plan to attend at least one meeting this year!

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May 5, 2020

New River Chapter's New Website Launched

* This is the new website for the New River Chapter with upgraded, and updated, subcategories as well as posts within each...visitors to this new page are invited to link to the many items on display that provide valuable information about the New River Chapter in many new and exciting ways.

* Want to comment? Click on the below link and send the website manager a comment, or just pass along your impression of the new site.

* Thanks!

Link here to comment:
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May 2020

Marathon Jam 2020 (CANCELLED)

* The New River Chapter's Marathon Jam normally scheduled for Armed Forces Day at the Ashe County Arts Council building in West Jefferson has been cancelled for 2020 and postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on social distancing worldwide!

* The Jam provides a venue for musicians - all levels of experience and selection of instruments - but in spite of the opportunity to enjoy "pickin' and grinnin' " with others, the decision to cancel the 2020 event was the right thing to do.

* Music lovers in Ashe County, North Carolina and throughout the United States are encouraged to shelter in place, stay safe and protect your loved ones and neighbors...

* Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone, everywhere!

Mar 27, 20/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Meetings/

May 18, 2019

Marathon Jam 2019

Marathon Jam 2019
The JAM Poster used to advertise the special event

* The New River Chapter hosted the 2019 Marathon Jam on Saturday, May 18th at the Ashe County Arts Council building in West Jefferson.

* The Jam provides a venue for musicians - all levels of experience and selection of instruments - who are welcome to come and enjoy "pickin' and grinnin' " with others from noon to midnight.

* Musicians are always encouraged to seek sponsors who are willing to pledge monies for their time of performing and all proceeds raised will be used to help support the Fisher Houses at Camp LeJeune and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

* During the course of the day, breaks are held to recognize Ashe County Veterans for their service and presentations are made to them with "healing quilts" which are provided by the Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Pictured below right, is one of the quilts presented to a Veteran at the 2018 Jam.

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May 12, 2015

Regular Membership Meeting


Professor Horton Hobbs, PhD, internationally acclaimed cave explorer, biologist and cave adventurer will present, "Exploration into the Unknown: A View of Subterranean Darkness." Dr. Hobbs has made over 3,300 cave trips personally exploring at least 1,500 and surveying over 250. He has identified and published 33 new species of crustaceans and which live in the dark and deep. Our chapter is indebted to Linda Marsh, Scholarship Chair, for recommending Dr. Hobbs.


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May 20, 2014

Veteran Issues

Building a Network of Support in Ashe County

* The regular meeting of the New River Chapter had SSgt Darryl Vaughn, NCANG Ret., the new Ashe County Veterans Service Officer (VSO) come and present information on veterans issues in the county and ways that our chapter may become more involved in helping to support the VSO and all military personnel in Ashe County.

Jan 30, 14/ Anonymous/ Meetings/

May 21, 2013 6:00 PM

Regular Membership Meeting

* The regular membership meeting was held on May 21st at the Ashe County Arts Council in West Jefferson, NC.

* New River Chapter 1st Vice President, COL-Ret. Charles Knapp, MC, USA provided an introduction and comments regarding the playing of a documentary film entitled "The Conscientious Objector".

* Charles is a consultant on a forthcoming movie that is in pre-production, "Hacksaw Ridge" which will also recount the true story of bravery and heroism by Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Desmond T. Doss, USA.

* The evening program was truly inspirational as an audience of almost 100 persons who were in attendance, including Chapter members, sat in silence taking in the description and images of PFC Doss' action on the Maeda Escarpment in Okinawa during the last battle of WWII. Along with footage of Doss himself, the story was told principally by comrades that were saved by Doss who was an Infantry Medic.

* The documentary film followed an rousing rendition of the national anthem by Generation eXcellent, a local singing group under the leadership and direction of Jeff and Pam Miller. The performers were dressed in period costumes from their current show, "I Love this Land." Following the anthem, a medley of service songs - Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines was presented to honor all veterans...attendees with service affiliation were called upon to stand by SGT Michael Allen, NCNG who served as Master at Arms.

Click here to read more about this meeting in News and Events:
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