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  New River Chapter : Calendar: A list of activities and meetings

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New River Chapter Meetings


* New River Chapter, MOAA held regular, monthly meetings in the past on the third Tuesday of each month at a single location. Now, however, we are making a change to various days of the month as well as various locations based upon individual meeting needs.

* We hold meetings or events from May through December, unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors. A notice is generally e-mailed to members to insure widest participation.

* To maximize optimum participation, our August meeting is the annual summer picnic and November is our holiday social.

* SPECIAL NOTICE: When our previous meeting location, The Hotel Tavern in West Jefferson, closed In 2020, we moved to The Tavern's new location in West Jefferson which was the old Sears retail building. Moving forward in 2023, however, we have a lot of new opportunities to gather throughout Ashe County and hope you will consider being at as many as possible!

To see information regarding a specific month, click on the month in the calendar page or select the annual calendar post below.

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