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Regular Membership Meeting

August 9, 2013

* The regular chapter summer membership picnic was preceded by the August 9-10, 2013 meeting at which time the New River Chapter co-hosted the North Carolina Council of Chapters quarterly meeting along with our sister chapter, the High Country Chapter.

* As co-hosts, our combined chapters welcomed the North Carolina Council, as well as Presidents from the other 15 state chapters who attended the meeting.

* The meeting location was the Club at Jefferson Landing...a gala dinner - with more than 100 attendees - took place on Friday, August 9th, and the Council meeting was held on Saturday, August 10th.

* The guest speaker was BGen James Walker, USMC-Ret., Deputy Director for Samaritans Purse International Projects and Executive Director for Operation Heal Our Patriots. General Walker shared his organizations commitment to support wounded servicepersonnel in their post-deployment struggles with marriage and relationships. The presentation was warmly received by all.

* Also, before the dinner was served, a special performance was given by Generation eXcellent, a group of 18 home-schooled children from Ashe County, who shared their special ministry of music with a song about the American flag, followed by the Stars Spangled Banner and a medley of service songs for the five branches of the military.

* There were many other events planned that proved to be highly successful and were enjoyed by all. The spouses, and other interested attendees were treated to a special performance by Libby Cockerham - Dr. Libby - who spoke on a variety of fashion secrets. On the afternoon of August 10th, several attendees took advantage of the opportunity to play the Jefferson Landing's award winning golf course...and ALMOST got in 18 holes before the rain!

Follow this link to the NC Council webpages for pictures from the weekend: