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Regular Membership Meeting

March 19, 2013

* The regular meeting schedule for the New River Chapter got underway with a wonderful program presented by Barbara Sears, Personal Affairs Chair.

* Barbara, appropriately clothed in traditional native dress, recounted her travels with the USNA Alumni Association to several locales in South Africa, starting in Capetown and traveling to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, a three day train ride to Victoria Falls and the Chobe Game Preserve before returning to Johannesburg and heading home.

* Along with her fascinating presentation on many of the cultural and post-Apartheid changes in the country, Barbara spoke about the conditions endured by President Nelson Mandela during the many years he spent on Robbin Island, South Africa's equivalent to Alcatraz.

* Her presentation was also accompanied by a beautiful slide presentation that kept everyone's attention for over an hour at our first meeting.

* Regular Membership Meetings will again return to the Coffee House on the Backstreet in May as we will be enjoying a "road trip" in April. Be sure to click on the April calendar link to learn all about it!