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Ashe County 100 Year Celebration

June 17, 2014

* Mr. Phillip McMillian of the Ashe County Centennial Board was the feature speaker at our June regular meeting. If you didn't know that Ashe County will hold a grand celebration on the occasion of West Jefferson's 100th, then Phillip, along with Chris Barr were on hand to share information on the many, exciting things that are being planned.

* The "Official" WJ Centennial logo (right) has now been revealed and will be made available to vendors for use on the many products that will help our little town welcome it's second century.

* New River's members learned of ways that we can be involved and shared some ideas with the committee about how we can make our presence known here in Ashe County.

* The Board of Directors met at 5:30 PM at the Coffee House on the Backstreet. Open/read the minutes of the BOD and regular meeting posted under Documents.

* As with other regular meetings, food and drink were available for purchase from Coffee House on the Backstreet hostess, Ms. Julie McGunegle.