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Annual Picnic for Members

August 9, 2015

* The New River Chapter annual picnic was held on August 9, 2015 at the home of Chapter 1st Vice President, COL Charles Knapp from 2:00 - 5:30 PM.

* The Sunday gathering attracted 28 members and guests.

* As has been our procedure - and good fortune - members and guests brought their favorite side dish, dessert or other delectable treat to share with fellow New River Chapter folks, and the eatin' was GOOD!

* COL Knapp contributed the beef for burgers from one of the cattle on his property.

* Pictured (above) are (L to R): Mik Mikulan, Robin Mikulan, Bill Horner, Joan Horner, Lee Eldreth, Mannon Eldreth, Ron Wilsbach, Sara Bashon, Paul Bashon, Mary Jacobs, Les Jacobs, Linda Gee, Jim Gee, Linda Marsh, Doug Ehrhardt, Mary Knapp, Horton Hobbs (guest of Linda Marsh), Kathleen Wilsbach, Barbara Sears, Charles Knapp, Lou Burge, Earl Inge (guest of Barbara Sears), Cathy Ehrhardt, Betty Schuette, Don Goodhart, Ron Schette, Ann Burge and Frances Goodhart.

* Pictured (below) is the New River Chapter's own bagpiper, Jim Gee, who entertained with several military selections!

* Pictured in the thumbnail photo to the right is an uninvited guest of the picnic (sorry, I couldn't find one resting on a porch seat cushion!) If you want more details, you need to talk with Mannon Eldreth...