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Regular Membership Meeting

July 31, 2015

* Mr. Ilario Gregory Pantano, former United States Marine Corps second lieutenant, author, television commentator,and Wilmington, NC Deputy Sheriff is the Director, Division of North Carolina Veterans Affairs. Mr. Pantano was guest speaker at the July 21, 2015 regular meeting of the New River Chapter held at the Ashe County Arts Council building in West Jefferson, NC.

* Prior to the meeting, Mr. Pantano and several members of the Chapter met at the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce for a meeting with local media and are shown at the right (upper photo, L to R): CDR-Ret. Mac Hunt, USN, COL-Ret. Charles Knapp, USA 1st VP of the New River Chapter, Mr. Pantano, Darryl Vaughn, Ashe County VSO, COL-Ret. Jeri Graham, USA President, North Carolina Council of Chapters and CAPT-Ret. Doug Ehrhardt, USN President of the New River Chapter, MOAA.

* Shown in the lower photo are the Ashe County Honor Guard members who presented the colors at the evening event (L to R): Secretary/Treasurer of the Guard, Sandy Adams, James Ellis, Jr. Vice Commander and Everett Adams, Sr. Vice Commander. Special thanks to these members of the Honor Guard for their presentation of the colors at the event.

* Scroll over the thumbnail pictures to the right to see additional photographs from the event that was held at the Ashe County Arts Council in West Jefferson, NC.

* The evening event was attended by more than 60 local residents, chapter members, veterans and representatives from the DAV and MCL.

* During his presentation, Mr. Pantano referred attendees to open/read information that is contained in this newly minted NC4VETS Resource Guide that contains valuable information to assist or support veterans in our county; this electronic version on the North Carolina Council of Chapters website is downloadable and searchable.

Mr. Pantano's 2015 NC4VETS biographical sketch: