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New River Chapter's Holiday Gathering
New River Chapter, Military Officers Association of America
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New River Chapter's Holiday Gathering

November 20, 2022

* The New River Chapter's 2022 Holiday celebration will again be held at West Jefferson's Ashe County Arts Council from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM on Sunday, November 20th.

* As always, Chapter members don't usually need encouragement to bring yummy side dishes and desserts to share with fellow party goers as we ALWAYS have a good representation of sweet and savory treats.

* Also there will many holiday libations to help Chapter members and spouses celebrate but members are always welcome to bring along a favorite wine or other drink of their choosing to share..

* For now, wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING but plan on being part of our holiday celebration on November 20th and help share in the spirit of the season with fellow New River Chapter members for a joyous Christmas!

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