High Country Chapter PIG PICKIN' Social July 9, 2011

High Country Chapter PIG PICKIN' Social

July 9, 2011

* The High Country Chapter, MOAA, held a Pig Pickin' party at the home of Chapter President, George Brudzinski. The event was attended by well over 60 persons from both Chapters - High Country and New River. Everyone - except maybe the pig - had a sumptuous meal prepared by a local pig picking catering service - "www.grillindrunk.com" - and side dishes/desserts that were brought by the attendees.

* Col Barry Wright, USA (Ret.), Deputy Director, MOAA National Council and Chapter Affairs, was the guest speaker and presented a lot of informative news and events from National.

* LTC Robert Garman, 1st VP of the NC State Council also attended.

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