New River Chapter Holiday Social December 3, 2011

New River Chapter Holiday Social

December 3, 2011

* The annual New River Chapter holiday social was held December 3, 2011 at the home of Chapter 1st Vice President Charles Knapp and his wife Mary.

* This year, ol' man winter was not in attendance, so 18 members of our Chapter, and guests were able to enjoy the festive occasion with no concerns about cold weather, or icy roads to and from the Knapp's beautifully decorated home.

* Everyone had a marvelous time enjoying the camaraderie of the other MOAA chapter members and also shared in a feast of seasonal delights brought along for the pot-luck supper.

* Thanks to Charles and Mary for a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship!!

Pictured standing (L to R): Pat Gobble, Monica Madden-Lynn, Cathy Ehrhardt, Linda Marsh, Linda Gee, Charles Knapp, Mary Knapp, Mannon Eldreth, Betty Schuette, Vicky Moody and Ruth Halsey.

Staircase (Lower left to upper right): Ken Lynn, Wilbur Wright, Hugh Halsey, Ron Schuette, Jim Gee, Lee Eldreth and Doug Ehrhardt.

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