New River Chapter Meeting April 17, 2012
New River Chapter Meeting

New River Chapter Meeting

April 17, 2012

Click on the attached photograph, or mouse over any of the thumbnail images, to see more pictures from the April Chapter meeting where the evening's program was presented by Brett Butler from the Honey Hole of the Blue Ridge and showcased supplies and products that are used in the fascinating world of honey bees and beekeeping.

- Main image: a Beekeeping hive body with a super (where honey is stored) and the protective cover is shown alongside a beekeepers protective suit and hood, as well as a package (top) that is used to deliver a queen and about 15,000 bees to start a hive, or a nucleus (white box) that contains 5 frames with a working queen and bees that can be inserted into a new hive to make the process of starting a working hive even quicker.

- Thumbnail 1: Brett Butler, Journeyman beekeeper and President of the Ashe County Beekeeing Association.

- Thumbnail 2: Members enjoy a meal before the program. Pictured L to R are Ron Schuette, Dan Strickland, Charles Knapp and Karen Strickland. Lee Holmes is on the left, but didn't turn in time to be properly recognized.

- Thumbnail 3: Chapter Secretary Ken Lynn welcomes new Chapter members (L to R) Marj Fuller, USAF LtCol-Ret, Ron Wilsbach, USN CDR-Ret, and Tim Fuller, USAF LtCol-Ret, recently arrived Senior Aerospace Science Instructor and head of the Wilkes Central HS JROTC program.

- Thumbnail 4: Some of the many products - pure honey, bee balm and honey infusions - available for purchase at the Honey Hole of the Blue Ridge.

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