Regular Membership Meeting Award Presentation June 19, 2012

Regular Membership Meeting Award Presentation

June 19, 2012

* The Regular Membership Meeting of the New River Chapter was held on June 19th at the Coffee House on the Backstreet.

* After completion of the scheduled program, Chapter 1st Vice President presented the 1st Place MOAA National Marvin J. Harris Communication award for Website in Category V - Chapters with fewer than 120 members - to Chapter President Doug Ehrhardt who serves as the webmaster for the site.

* Mouse over the thumbnail picture showing Chapter President Ehrhardt making the presentation for the 1st Runner -up Communication Award for Print Newsletter to Chapter Secretary/Treasurer Ken Lynn who serves as editor for the bi-monthly newsletter. This is the 2nd year that the print newsletter received an award; in 2010 it captured a 1st place in Category V.

* Kudos to the New River Chapter and all our members for their support to making our communications efforts a success!

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