New River Chapter Meeting April 15, 2014
New River Chapter Meeting

New River Chapter Meeting

April 15, 2014

* The regular meeting of the New River Chapter was held on April 15, 2014 at the Coffee House on the Backstreet.

* While the turn-out was low since many members have not returned to our beautiful Ashe County mountains, and mother nature blessed us with ANOTHER dip in the temperatures, those that did attend were treated to an informative and educational presentation about our namesake, the New River.

* George Santucci, Executive Director and Carol Coulter, Director of Operations (pictured to the right) from the National Committee of the New River informed us about many aspects of the work being done by their organization to protect and preserve this national heritage. The talk resulted in many questions from our members and the discussion was lively.

* Finally, it was learned that the Committee will soon be introducing their new name and logo, the New River Conservancy.

* Thanks George and Carol, and we look forward to possible future collaborations in which our members can assist the Conservancy.

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