New River Chapter Meeting July 15, 2014
New River Chapter Meeting

New River Chapter Meeting

July 15, 2014

* Col. Mike Hayden, USAF Ret. (shown at right) was our speaker at the regular membership meeting of the New River Chapter at the Fellowship Hall of the Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church.

* At least 50 people from the area - veterans, serving military, retired, Guard, Reserve, spouses and surviving spouses of military service personnel - attended the 2+ hours of a meeting during which Mike, who is MOAA's Director of Government Relations discussed a whole host of hot button topics of interest to all veterans. After his prepared remarks, Mike also entertained questions from the attendees assembled for the event.

- Before the scheduled meeting time of 7:00 PM, Col. Hayden also attended a media meet and greet at the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce during which time a video was filmed for editing and presentation on the local cable television channel to ensure that information was also extended to interested veterans who were unable to attend the meeting.

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