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  New River Chapter : FAQs: Frequently asked questions

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New River Chapter - All About Us

* Our Mailing Address: NEW RIVER MOAA, PO BOX 1202, JEFFERSON, NC 28640

* The New River Chapter of the MOAA was formed in 2009 to support the National MOAA's goals and to serve the needs of military members in the counties of Ashe, Allegheny and Wilkes in North Carolina.

* We are a 501(c) (19) organization incorporated as a non profit corporation under the laws of North Carolina and recognized by the IRS as tax exempt.

* While we are non-partisan, we are proud of our relations with the elected officials from our community, locally, statewide, and nationally. All of them support our service men and women and have gone out of their way to participate with us in efforts on behalf of our military brethren.

* Our members include active duty, reserve, retired, and former officers who range from warrant to flag officer, and every rank in between.

* Our members are not only active in MOAA, but are leaders of local community businesses, physicians, educators and citizens who voluntarily serve in a wide range of local charitable or service organizations.

* Aside from the camaraderie that we share at meetings, our members continue the traditions of leadership that they developed in their military careers.

* We participate in our North Carolina MOAA Council of Chapters, and work in harmony with other local veterans organizations.

* In 2010, our chapter began supporting the Ashe County High School Junior ROTC program; in 2012 we also supported Junior ROTC programs at two high schools in Wilkesboro County one of which lost their ROTC affiliation.

* If you are a present or former officer, we are friends who have shared many of your experiences. As an active, retired or former officer of one of the seven uniformed services, you are most welcome to visit, and join the New River Chapter of MOAA.