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Did you know?

Important information on MOAA and how your membership helps!

- There are 15 MOAA Chapters in North Carolina with a combined total of 18,000 members...

- BUT, there are ONLY ~ 1,500 MOAA members who have a corresponding membership with a NC Chapter!

- Why is this important? Here are just some of the critical actions that have been enacted or supported by MOAA:

* A military member AND the member's spouse can declare a state of residency. This ensures that the spouse doesn't face problems with having to re-register to vote or to get a drivers license in each state to which the military member is assigned.

* TRICARE is NOT in jeopardy of any increases as a result of recent actions by Congress to pass a health care bill because of MOAA's efforts.

* A Caregiver Bill is currently being drafted by Congress to extend critical benefits to family members who support wounded warriors thanks in part to the work of MOAA.

* All of these programs, and many others like them, are the direct result of MOAA's Never Stop Serving imprimatur in representing us before Congress.

* MOAA National NEEDS to hear from everyone about issues important to us as military members, in total, but also as they relate to our state, our hometown, AND our Chapter.