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New River Chapter Regular Meeting
The pit is lit so lets party!
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New River Chapter Regular Meeting

June 19, 2021

* The members of the New River Chapter gathered for an especially memorable evening at the home of Chapter At-Large Member, Charles Knapp.

* In his COVID-19 spare time, Charles constructed a beautiful, new outdoor patio (seen here) at his home at 500 Rooster Ridge Road in Lansing, NC.

* Charles and his wife Mary invited all our New River Members AND guests to his home on June 19th to enjoy seating around the outdoor fire pit. There were picnic tables and chairs set up in the patio area and everyone brought desserts, finger foods and the like to share with fellow revelers.

* The activity got underway @ 1700 and everyone stayed to enjoy their fill of scrumptious goodies and even hung around until just before darkness!!

* The Chapter was also treated to a medley of tunes from honorary Chapter member Earl Inge and Mary Knapp. Open here to view one of Earl and Mary's songs on our Facebook page.

* See the accompanying photos of the 25+ members enjoying having to no longer socially distance while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow New River Chapterites (sp?).