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New River Chapter Hosts MOAA's COL Terri Coles, USA (Ret.)

October 15, 2019

The New River Chapter held a regular membership meeting on October 15th at the new Ashe County Chamber of Commerce meeting site in West Jefferson, The Venue. The Chapter also welcomed MOAA's Senior Director, Council and Chapters, COL Terri Coles as guest speaker. Shown in the photograph is Chapter Chair for Personal Affairs and Surviving Spouse Liaison, Barbara Sears (left) and Chapter President, LCDR Steve Tucker, USN (Ret.) (right) enjoying some warmth with COL Coles near a fire pit on the patio area at the Hotel Tavern where the Chapter went after the meeting for dinner and drinks.

Picture courtesy of Chapter Membership Chair, CDR Mik Mikulan, USPHS (Ret.)