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New River Chapter July Social Gathering

July 14, 2022

The New River Chapter hosted a regular monthly meeting on July 14th by gathering for a social dining event at The Tavern in West Jefferson. Once again offering outdoor seating on the patio, 17 chapter members enjoyed the weather at the early evening social on the patio with drinks and a meal of their choosing.

See the accompanying photographs above our Chapter logo of our group of loyal veterans, spouses and an honorary member in support of MOAA via the chapter programs.


Doug & Cathy Ehrhardt / Don & Frances Goodhart / Jim & Gloria Block / Eastland Grey (new member) / Mik Mikulan / Jim Cain / Barbara Sears / Ron & Gail Schuette / Charles Knapp / Randall Cassells (new member) / Steve Tucker / Bob Worley / Pam Garner

See our events calendar and plan to be at our annual picnic in August!