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New River Chapter Summer Picnic

New River Chapter Summer Picnic
The barbeque gathering place on the Knapps home in Lansing.
Secondary Image
Good burgers from Charles herd just waiting to be served up to attendees

August 20, 2023

The New River Chapter held our annual summer picnic at the home of Program Chair, Charles Knapp and Mary around the wonderful fire pit that Charles created a few years back. There were 20 members, spouses and guests in attendance to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow retired officers in Ashe County and enjoy in the many good eats that were brought for sharing, along with some scrumptious burgers that were from some of the cattle that are on Charles property.

To make the day more special, we also welcomed a new member, Roger and his wife Sue Fox to our group. Sue was a card playing acquaintance of Cathy Ehrhardt and when asked, once she learned that Roger flew helicopters for the U.S. Navy, if he was a MOAA member and if the knew we are one of the 14 Chapters in the North Carolina Council, the answer, of course led to extending them an invite to the picnic and we look forward to having Roger sign up as a new recruit!

The picture (above right) shows the Knapp's fire pit and the burgers (lower right) waiting to be served.

Scan the many other photographs from the picnic by clicking on the label (8 more) that is found above the top picture.

For planning purposes, don't forger to mark your calendar for our September program - BOTM (Breakfast on the Mountain) - that is scheduled for September 19, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM atop Mount Jefferson State Park...hope to see everyone there!

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New River Chapter Summer Picnic

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Summer Picnic Members Gathered for a Photo (see names below)

August 20, 2022

The New River Chapter members (20 strong!) gathered at the home of Personal Affairs Chair, Barbara Sears for our annual Chapter summer picnic.

As is usually the case, the goodies brought by members were plenty and the burgers and dogs offered up by the Chapter were consumed with great gusto! Thanks to everyone for another GREAT FEAST!

Pictured (top of staircase down): Dan Strickland, Karen Strickland, Don Goodhart, Frances Goodhart, Linda Gee, Jim Gee, Mary Gray, Eastland Gray, Teresa Bumgarner, James Bumgarner, Bobbie Worley, Bob Worley, Mik Mikulan, Doug Ehrhardt, Barbara Sears, Cathy Ehrhardt, Charles Knapp, Mary Knapp and Jim Cain.

Not shown, but shooting the photograph, Honorary Member Earl Inge...thanks Earl!

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New River Chapter July Social Gathering

July 14, 2022

The New River Chapter hosted a regular monthly meeting on July 14th by gathering for a social dining event at The Tavern in West Jefferson. Once again offering outdoor seating on the patio, 17 chapter members enjoyed the weather at the early evening social on the patio with drinks and a meal of their choosing.

See the accompanying photographs above our Chapter logo of our group of loyal veterans, spouses and an honorary member in support of MOAA via the chapter programs.


Doug & Cathy Ehrhardt / Don & Frances Goodhart / Jim & Gloria Block / Eastland Grey (new member) / Mik Mikulan / Jim Cain / Barbara Sears / Ron & Gail Schuette / Charles Knapp / Randall Cassells (new member) / Steve Tucker / Bob Worley / Pam Garner

See our events calendar and plan to be at our annual picnic in August!
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BOTM = Breakfast on the Mountain

September 15, 2022

HERE WE GO AGAIN! We'll be meeting on Thursday, September 15, 2022 @ 1100 at Mount Jefferson State Park for our 2nd Breakfast on the Mountain.

Join us!

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