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Blue Star Mothers

Follow the below link to visit and learn about the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. whose primary purpose is to honor the memory of all the men and women who have served our country as members of the Armed Forces.

Click here:
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* Help.org is a group of medical professionals and addiction experts concerned with the substance abuse crisis that military veterans throughout the U.S. and their families are facing.

* There are concerns, of course of further implications such as long term medical problems, additional psychiatric disorders, interpersonal and vocational impairment, and sadly suicide. Unfortunately, for most communities, this problem is hidden due to the lack of awareness.

* Therefore, the site provides a guide with comprehensive information on substance abuse statistics among veterans, governmental programs that offers treatment, and steps that veterans can take to get the help that they need.

For more information, contact Heather Cora, Community Outreach.

Click here to link to their website:
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Retiree Ready Reference Telephone Numbers

* This is a comrehensive, and ALL (or at least MOST) inclusive reference resource of telephone numbers to most everything related to military retiree needs.

* Visitors to this link may wish to download the document and bookmark it on your computer to ensure ready access.

- Researched by Mel Weiss, CWO-2 SC USN-Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

- This list was compiled in 2002 and information and/or updates are welcomed...e-mail at address: melweiss@mindspring.com

Oct 3, 14/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Military and VA Sites/

The Virtual Wall ® Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The below link is to the Virtual Wall ®, Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The names, and profiles, of persons lost, or missing, from the Vietnam War can be located by last name, state, and various other forms of searching.

Individual profiles can be viewed, as well as printed, and the location of the individual service member on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall can ascertained.

Viet Nam Veterans - Virtual Wall link
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