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New River Chapter Christmas Party

December 14, 2019

* Members of the New River Chapter celebrated the Christmas holiday at the home of Barbara Sears, Personal Affairs Chair and Surviving Spouse Liaison on December 14th...along with an abundance of sweet and savory treats, there was time for some good-natured competition while watching the Army-Navy football game.

* Barbara's home was decorated in grand style for the season to include stockings on the. mantle to recognize each of the services (upper right photo).

* Shown in the lower right photo from left to right are Charles Knapp, Mary Knapp, Jim Need, Sharon Need, Ron Schuette, Gail Schuette, Gloria Block, Mark Whittle, Cathy Ehrhardt, Doug Ehrhardt, Bobbie Worley, Bob Worley, Barbara Sears, Jim Cain, Kathy Griffin, Morris Griffin, Jim Block and Mik Mikulan.

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