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2019 Marathon Jam

May 18, 2019

* The New River Chapter hosted the 2019 Marathon Jam at the Ashe Arts Council Building in West Jefferson, NC on May 18, 2019.

* This years Jam, which raises money to support the Fisher Houses at Fort Bragg, NC and Camp LeJeune, NC, was a great success with several of the musicians earning the coveted title of "Iron Picker" having played for the duration of the event.

* MOAA and the Piecemakers Quilt Guild honored 11 vets representing WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the conflicts of the Middle East and the cold war. One brave enlisted Gunnery Sergeant in the USMC did 4 tours in Vietnam as a K-9 Point man on patrols into the jungles. He is highly decorated and has FOUR Purple Hearts. Two WWII vets were honored one of whom was on Iwo Jima. One Army retired Master Sergeant lady was with NORAD and played a very important role in America’s defense. Another honoree was a retired Lt. Colonel from Army and National Guard who led his local unit to national recognition as one of the most squared away National Guard units in the USA. Others honored were from the Navy and Air Force. Two other very dedicated ladies who were honored run local and national programs to help those veterans with chronic PTSD.

* Pictured (right) are photographs taken during the day of musicians and audience attendees. Be sure and scroll over the thumbnail photographs to the right to see more pictures from the day-long event.

* The below, downloadable file is the article published in the May 29, 2019 Ashe Post & Times on the event.

* Thanks to all who participated, and donated, to our Chapter's Jam to support the Fisher Houses.

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