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New River Chapter Summer Picnic
New River Chapter members assemble for a group photograph at Barbaras home
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New River Chapter Summer Picnic

August 20, 2022

The New River Chapter members (20 strong!) gathered at the home of Personal Affairs Chair, Barbara Sears for our annual Chapter summer picnic.

As is usually the case, the goodies brought by members were plenty and the burgers and dogs offered up by the Chapter were consumed with great gusto! Thanks to everyone for another GREAT FEAST!

Pictured (top of staircase down): Dan Strickland, Karen Strickland, Don Goodhart, Frances Goodhart, Linda Gee, Jim Gee, Mary Gray, Eastland Gray, Teresa Bumgarner, James Bumgarner, Bobbie Worley, Bob Worley, Mik Mikulan, Doug Ehrhardt, Barbara Sears, Cathy Ehrhardt, Charles Knapp, Mary Knapp and Jim Cain.

Not shown, but shooting the photograph, Honorary Member Earl Inge...thanks Earl!