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Sears Scholarship Application


Open the below downloadable files and follow the information in order to submit an applicatio for the New River Chapter's RADM Scott L. Sears, USN, Ret. scholarship.

Jan 2, 20/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Award Criteria/

Rear Admiral Scott L. Sears, USN Memorial Scholarship Program

Award Criteria

* The Sears Scholarship Fund has been in operation since the second year of our Chapter's chartering. Per guidance provided by MOAA National, a fund created for the purpose of providing scholarships, or other monetary gifts to eligible recipients, must have sufficient resources to make awards without compromising the account set up to provide for such awards.

* The scholarship program achieved the funds necessary to enable awards, and information regarding the criteria by which JROTC students can submit an application for a scholarship as provided for herein.

Nov 3, 11/ Douglas Ehrhardt/ Award Criteria/