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Regular Membership Meeting

May 21, 2013 6:00 PM

* The regular membership meeting was held on May 21st at the Ashe County Arts Council in West Jefferson, NC.

* New River Chapter 1st Vice President, COL-Ret. Charles Knapp, MC, USA provided an introduction and comments regarding the playing of a documentary film entitled "The Conscientious Objector".

* Charles is a consultant on a forthcoming movie that is in pre-production, "Hacksaw Ridge" which will also recount the true story of bravery and heroism by Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Desmond T. Doss, USA.

* The evening program was truly inspirational as an audience of almost 100 persons who were in attendance, including Chapter members, sat in silence taking in the description and images of PFC Doss' action on the Maeda Escarpment in Okinawa during the last battle of WWII. Along with footage of Doss himself, the story was told principally by comrades that were saved by Doss who was an Infantry Medic.

* The documentary film followed an rousing rendition of the national anthem by Generation eXcellent, a local singing group under the leadership and direction of Jeff and Pam Miller. The performers were dressed in period costumes from their current show, "I Love this Land." Following the anthem, a medley of service songs - Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines was presented to honor all veterans...attendees with service affiliation were called upon to stand by SGT Michael Allen, NCNG who served as Master at Arms.

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